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Our Story

Her: Vegetarian for 40+ years. I started on that path as a way to help keep my husband healthy.

Him: Lots of restaurant experience with many companies.

Her: Healthy options pretty much an afterthought on most restaurant menus.

Him: Always knew that traditional fast food wasn’t the wisest option.

Us: Merged nutrition and expertise to develop Ajamo-real food to fuel your day and keep you healthy and grounded.

Our food is prepared fresh daily without preservatives….ever. No ingredient your Great Grandmother wouldn’t recognize. We serve meals that we eat, that we are proud of and that support your healthy lifestyle choices– whatever they are. We worked with award-winning chef Rachel Carr, creator of 6 Main in Chester, CT, to devise a menu that is unique, delicious and nourishing. Our philosophy is to walk softly on the Earth and leave a small footprint. To that end, we choose packaging and utensils that are recyclable and compostable. Our ingredients are local when possible and organic when it makes sense. 

We invite you to continue the story.